Can silicone cup be customized?
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What are the materials of the bag filter element, and how much can the accuracy be achieved? The capsule filter element is also called an integrated filter. it adopts a folding inlet filter membrane and has a large filtration surface, which is suitable for filtering large volume solutions. The appearance polypropylene material of this filter does not contain adhesives and other chemicals to ensure that samples are not contaminated. The filter has different pore sizes to choose from and can be sterilized with high pressure.According to the different features of the filter object, the product adopts different filter media. The following are several commonly used series:1. the RFPT is used for the filtration of solvents and corrosive solutions by using a hydrophobic PTFE filter membrane. the air and gas outlets are over and filtered.2. the RFPP capsule filter adopts hydrophilic polypropylene (PP) filter membrane, which is suitable for pre-filter and ink filtration of reverse osmosis and UF. Suitable for f

The Germans don't drink pure water. why? The latest marketing courseware is about to be launched. welcome to consult!PrefaceA few days ago, I saw a video of a so-called nutrition expert saying that Germans do not drink pure water. The conclusion is that pure water is not good and cannot be drunk for a long time. if it is drunk for a long time, it will form an acidic constitution for the human body, will take away trace elements in the human body and so on.On the issues of 'acidic constitution' and 'taking away trace elements', some articles in the early stage said that they will not talk about it here.Today, I will talk about why the Germans do not drink pure water.It is understood that Germans rarely drink pure water. most of the water purification equipment they use is also a primary filter product such as a front filter. the pure water machine does use less.Now, let's analyze wh
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