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Can the manufacturer of silicone products control the hardness of liquid silicone?

Can the manufacturer of silicone products control the hardness of liquid silicone?


There are more and more silicone products and silicone products processing manufacturers on the market. We want to customize our products. How to customize high quality silicone products? Where to choose?

In the hand feel, high-quality silicone products are not only good toughness, good elasticity, and not easy to be affected by external forces, permanent deformation, feel smooth, inferior silicone products are easy to deformation, feel rough, surface without oil protection materials.

From the characteristics, we all know that silicone products are non-toxic, tasteless, colorless, good material, harmless to human body. Generally speaking, poor quality silicone products are difficult to achieve these effects. This inferior silicone product is often very irritating. It also has rough lines!

At the same time, we can also distinguish the authenticity of silicone by flame combustion, which is also a very effective method, fake silicone products burn black smoke, other waste is black powder, silicone products are not color, burning white smoke, other burning waste is white powder.

In addition, we can also check the quality of silicone products in other ways:

1. Wear resistance, silicone products surface [surface] strong wear resistance, not easy to affect the performance of the product, service life and appearance friction.

2. Tensile strength and tearing strength, high quality silicone products tensile strength and tearing strength, can make the commodity is not easy to drag out the gap.

3. Elongation, under the premise of temperature control, make the elongation and extension length reach the maximum.

4. Hardness. The ability of a material to locally resist hard objects pressing into its surface is called hardness. Good quality goods can withstand better compressive hardness.

I hope the above methods can help you choose better silicone products processing manufacturers, customized high quality silicone products!

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