Does Mitour Silicone Products enjoy high popularity?
How is pine perfume made? Scrape the pine tree around (with special knives ),Pine will flow out,Collect it in plastic bags and scrape it again a few days later,A large bag of gum can be collected so many times.Filter after heating into liquid,It's the gum we use.Gum is a mixture of many ingredients,Its composition varies slightly due to different pine species,Mainly composed of resin acid,There is also a small amount of fatty acids and neutral substances.According to analysis,In the general gum,The content of resin acid is 85.6 ~ 88.7%,The content of fatty acids is 2.5 ~ 5.4%,The content of neutral substances is 5.2 ~ 7.6%.Resin is an important raw material for chemical industry,Widely used in various industrial sectors,1. soap industrial resin is cooked with soda ash or caustic soda,Form loose soap.Loose soap has a lot of defacing power,Soluble in water,Can dissolve grease,Easy to bubble.The gum is sticky,Soap can not easily crack and sour deterioration.2. the Paper-making industry is used as a pape

With rich manufacturing experience and strong production capability, Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co., able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs. Yuan Feng's silicone brush is commonly used in the following industries. For product information, please feel free to contact Yuan Feng. The silicone bags series has become a hot product of Yuan Feng.

Why can't the fish tank circulation filter only absorb water? After changing the water,In the absence of work,Shake the black back and forth a few times,Can hear the water inside,And then the water came out,Just plug in again!The fish tank filter is a device for water purification and oxygen replenishment in fish farming appliances,The purpose is to remove dirt such as feces in the water,Keep the water clear, with sufficient oxygen, no harmful substances and no pollution,Suitable for the growth of fish.There is a good filtration device in the fish tank,Only by keeping good fish and changing less water.
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