Does silicone water bottle have warranty period?
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Self-made Super filter effect 3 external filter barrels 10 I don't know if you argued with me or didn't understand what I said.The library is very clear.Why 5 cm thick grain of rice sand.The outlet is the inlet,There must be room for you to plug in the tube,So the water flows back naturally.The water inlet and outlet are hot with 1 yuan coins on the lid.You asked me to improve again,I said I thought of the simplest and most practical way to do this,The theme of the effect is very clear.All theories show true and false in front of reality.Say more useless.The production of nitrobacteria is made of raw shrimp,Or flower armor.Dead.Buried in the sand,Put two shrimps in a rice jar.Dirty things are in the sand,You don't have to be completely clean.Because the role of the bottom sand is to hide feces and clarify water.And they are also part of the nitrobacteria.You find it troublesome to clean up,No sand can be laid.Generally, the way I clean the bottom sand is to stir the sand when changing water.Then pump water.Yo

What if the water filter in the swimming pool is not clean? Bolifeng sewage treatment High-precision filtration is a physical treatment process. the filtration of water is to use the subtle pores of the filter material to intercept the magazines in the water and let the Clean Water pass, this completes the effect of filtering. The larger magazines in the water can be trapped through the fine pores of the filter material, but when the water contains suspended particles, the whole unit of these particles is difficult to see with the naked eye, and much smaller than the pores of the filter, like some suspended particles in the air we can't see, but when you hit the light with flashlight, you will see a light column, this light column is formed by the suspended particles under the reflection of light. Because of this reason, the water in the swimming pool will appear white and clean. In order to solve such problems, high-precision filtration, that is, micro-filtration, is now widely used, and the micro-filtration
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