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Price and working principle of air-water separator The gas-water separator is currently mainly used in industrial areas, such as industrial liquid-containing systems, through which the gas and liquid can be separated. Therefore, such a kind of equipment is relatively widely used in industry. for many demanders, they are willing to know more about the price and overview of gas-water separator before purchasing gas-water separator, and some other aspects of the content, so that you can buy good and cheap equipment when you buy it. Here are the answers, I hope to help you. Gas-water separator price 1. taiwan OWE Auville 1/2 4-point gas pump single water grid oil-water separator air filter 20mm, price ¥45. 002. high pressure 16 kilograms gas pump oil-water separator air compressor gas water filter 4 minutes metal cup for pressure regulating, price ¥ 195.003.CNOBLE gas source processor two-part pressure regulating valve oil-water separator air filter BFC4000, price ¥94. 804. the oil-water separator AC2000BC2000 30

While providing quality products, Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co., dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations. Yuan Feng's silicone shoelaces can be used in different fields. If you have any needs, please contact Yuan Feng. Yuan Feng's silicone shoelaces series contains multiple sub-products.

Can the supercharger be used for the well water entering and leaving the same pipe? Well water filter and booster pump cannot be installed at the same time.The inlet pressure is related to the water supply of the filter,If the inlet pressure through the filter does not meet the requirements, it should be considered to supercharge before entering the water,Add water pump,This pump can use the general centrifugal booster pump,Because the water will be treated by the rear equipment,However, the pump that is pressurized after filtration (if there is a system for anti-seepage treatment in the rear stage,Almost certainly need to recharge before anti-seepage) should use pumps such as diaphragm pumps,So as not to re-pollute the water.The filter is installed at the front end of the water inlet pipe according to the standard,
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