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Mitour Silicone Products is committed to offering the most professional silicone products. Get price! Compared with other products in the industry, silicone products has more obvious advantages which are reflected in the following aspects. Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,Ltd.has an excellent team consisting of talents in R&D, production and management. We could provide practical solutions according to actual needs of different customers.

Who knows how to calculate the number of filters? 20 The number of entries refers to the granularity or fineness of the material. The general definition refers to the screen in the area of 1 inch * 1 inch (25.4*25.4). the material can pass the screen. the number of holes in the screen is defined as the number of mesh.The number of entries is the US standard (this standard is used in our country), in inches instead of millimeters.The size of the sieve corresponds to the standard number of meshScreen size: 4.75 standard mesh: 4 meshScreen size: 4.00 standard mesh: 5 meshScreen size: 3.35 standard mesh: 6 meshScreen size: 2.80 standard mesh: 7 meshScreen size: 2.36 standard mesh: 8 meshScreen size: 2.00 standard mesh: 10 meshScreen size: 1.70 standard mesh: 12 meshScreen size: 1.40 standard mesh: 14 meshScreen size: 1.18 standard mesh: 16 meshScreen size: 1.00 standard mesh: 18 meshScreen size: 0. 850 Standard Mesh: 20 meshScreen size: 0. 710

How to disassemble the filter screen of this kind of faucet, there is no interface to screw This is a special disassembly tool,If you don't have it, tie two tweezers into two-phase pairs of holes,You can turn on 1. different disassembly methods of the faucet are also different,Generally, it is disassembled in two specifications. 2. there is a bayonet on the surface,You can twist the movable wrench counter-clockwise. 3. the other surface is smooth,No bayonet,That can only be screwed by hand according to anti-clockwise 1. water is the source of life,To ensure the health of our lives,We can't leave water every day,In addition to people's direct drinking water,People use water to cook, brush their teeth, wash their dishes, and wash their dishes,Therefore, the safety of water is closely related to our health.2. the water we usually use is generally tap water.So is the tap water coming out of the faucet safe?What we need to remind everyone is that although the water supply company has disinfected the multi-process
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