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Can rural sewage be treated with integrated sewage treatment equipment? Since reform and opening up,Especially since the Seventeenth Party Congress,China has obviously accelerated the pace of new rural construction,Vigorously develop the construction of new countryside or small towns,It is a big strategy to promote the development of rural economy or small towns.But,While developing a rural economy or a small town economy,And brought about the problem of environmental pollution,Pollution control and environmental protection,It is another major measure of sustainable development.Construction of new rural areas and small towns in China,Environmental issues involved,There are two main aspects: rural sewage pollution and rural garbage pollution.In terms of rural sewage pollution,Mainly domestic sewage pollution, livestock sewage pollution, pesticide and fertilizer pollution, and some industrial pollution and other pollution.These pollutants

Product application field of dual filter 1.Domestic water supply and filtration of production process water supply.2.Pretreatment such as UF, reverse osmosis, softening and ion exchange.3.Sea water purification for breeding sea treasures;Water filtration for industrial seawater and freshwater farming.4.Oil field reinjection water filtration.5.Circulating Cooling water filtration.6.Water Reuse and deep treatment and filtration of wastewater.7.Circulating water filtration in steel, petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, automobile, food, metallurgy and other industries.8.Turbidity removal and purification of groundwater and surface water.9.Central air conditioning, boiler return water filtration.10.Equipment water filtration with certain requirements for water quality.11.Water purification of swimming pool and landscape.12.Spraying and watering municipal and green spaces,Water filtration for agricultural sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.
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