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The ambitious Mitour Silicone Products is striving to be the best silicone bags supplier among the industry. Ask! Compared with other products in the industry, silicone kids placemat has more obvious advantages which are reflected in the following aspects. Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,Ltd.has an excellent team consisting of talents in R&D, production and management. We could provide practical solutions according to actual needs of different customers.

Knowledge of basket filter standards Has anyone thought about how the water we drink every day guarantees its cleanliness? How to ensure that the water we drink can completely remove harmful substances? Or our gasoline, how to remove some particulate matter, the rest of the parts that can be used? When these things we use need to be filtered before they can be used, the rabbit introduces the standards of the basket filter to see how high the requirements of the basket filter are!Basket filter standardBasket filter manufacturing standard for pipeFlangeMain technical parameters for the main purpose of the connecting high and low take-over basket filter: housing material: carbon steel, stainless steel (SUS304L/SUS316/sus4l), lining fluorine, plastic (PP, PVC, etc ). material of filter core of coarse filter: filter frame, filter screen is stainless steel. sealing ring material: PTFE. working temperature: carbon steel is-40 ℃ ~ 380 ℃, stainless steel is-80 ℃ ~ Standard for manuf

Formation of soil leakage in beer filtration The filtration of suspended solids in beer has always been a technical problem and key point of brewery, and its research is a subject integrating theory and practice. To solve this technical problem by exploring the formation mechanism of beer suspended matter, studying and identifying the method of beer suspended matter and sediment, and identifying the composition of suspended matter is a long-term and complicated work. For enterprise technicians, it is an effective way to solve the problem by strengthening filtration in the appropriate process and avoiding suspended matter entering liquor.Liquid bag filter has been widely used and promoted by famous manufacturers in the domestic food and beverage industry. it is a closed filtration system, which is divided into various forms such as single bag, double bag and multi bag, its working principle is to filter by pressure. The complete bag filter consists of three parts: filter container, support net ba
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