How about silicone bottle after-sales service?
Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,Ltd. has a complete service and spare parts department to help us successfully deal with pre-sales and after-sales problems faced by our customers. After-sales support is provided to ensure a solution is available before potential problems arise. Our after-sales service team consists of a team of experienced consultants who provide outstanding customer service. Your satisfaction with our company and silicone bottle is our goal!

Yuan Feng has been thought of a highly reliable Chinese manufacturer, as we provide the highest quality silicone water bottle in the industry. Yuan Feng's silicone shoelaces series contains multiple sub-products. Mitour silicone dish gloves is designed to be environmentally friendly and cost efficient. It is updated frequently, almost every week. Featuring energy keeping, the product is marked as green energy because it consumes at least 75% less power than equivalent incandescent bulbs. It can be design-customized quickly within 2 hours.

We will continue to work on gaining a greater understanding of global users’ expectations for this product and provide better service for customers. Welcome to visit our factory!
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