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Does fish in the tank use a filter? Do not turn off the filter.Filter is an indispensable device in the pipeline of conveying media,It is usually installed in the inlet end of the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve, and other equipment of the square filter.After the filter has a filter cartridge of a certain size filter,Its impurities are blocked,When cleaning is needed,Just remove the removable cartridge,After processing, you can reload it,Therefore,It is extremely convenient to use and maintain.Raise ornamental fish,The filter must be kept open 24 hours a day,Unless it's broken or during the medication,Filter cannot be deactivated otherwise.The filter is easy to open and stop,It's better to drive all the time,And the filter has been deactivated for a long time,It also kills the nitrobacteria in filter cotton and glass rings.So raise ornamental fish,No one will deactivate the filter.The upstairs is quite right. without the nitrobacteria, there will be other bacteria in t

While providing quality products, Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co., dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations. Yuan Feng's cigar ashtray can be used in different fields. If you have any needs, please contact Yuan Feng. Yuan Feng's silicone travel bottles series contains multiple sub-products.

Can the water tower front filter make the water clear? The water tower front filter can make the water clear, but he can't filter out the residues of heavy metals and chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the water. if you want to filter the water at home, it is recommended that you install ro reverse osmosis water purifier.
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