How can I get standing ashtray sample?
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How about water SX-1 precision front filter? The water purifier is installed in the kitchen. The water released by the water purifier can also be boiled and drunk. However, the water released by the water purifier belongs to mineral water and contains certain minerals, so after burning, some precipitation can still be seen.

Central air conditioning construction, I know the compressor to the condenser, dry the filter, then the expansion throttle valve, then the evaporator, ask a question 1.Refrigeration device in operation,Due to impurities such as moisture, solid powder, dirt, etc. in refrigerant and frozen oil,When the situation is serious, the throttling hole of the throttling structure will be dirty.Therefore, a dry filter must be installed before the refrigerant supply pipe.In addition,The trace moisture in refrigerant has the greatest harm to the refrigeration system,2.The evaporator comes out with low temperature and low pressure gas,Compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas through the compressor,Then after passing through the condenser, it becomes a high temperature and high pressure liquid,After the throttling device is turned into a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid,In the evaporator, the heat exchange becomes low temperature and low pressure gas,So cycle.3.The air conditioner compressor compresses
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