How can I get to know silicone ties quality before placing an order?
Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,Ltd. recommends two methods for you to know the quality of silicone ties before placing an order. The first is to make a sample order. It serves as the most basic form of “evidence” of our production capability. Not manufactured according to the customer’s design or customized specifications, it can be obtained rather quickly. The second is to conduct a factory tour. You may already be familiar with the product range, but with the benefits of on-site visits to the factory and offices, you can see how our business works, how we manage processes and production operations, how quality management is implemented and how sustainable and responsible our manufacturing is.

Yuan Feng is one of the leading manufacturers of silicone body brush from China. We are active in product design and manufacture. Yuan Feng's silicone bags series contains multiple sub-products. The product emits light in a specific direction, which means it does not need extra reflection and redirection system to prevent light loss. It is available in different colors and can be color-customized. This product has been widely used in the industry due to its excellent properties.

We think it's our responsibility to produce harmless and non-toxic products for society. All of the toxicity in the raw materials will be eliminated or excluded, so as to reduce risk on human and the environment.
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