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Is the front filter ghost spirit to remove the scale? Most of the scale can be removed, and most of the water purification equipment can be done, but this kind of alkali can never be removed, and the filter accuracy must reach 0.1 nm to barely achieve. this monster can also remove sand, sand and the like. chlorine should also be OK without specific parameters. but the taste will not change much. Alkaline substances in water are at least one of the 100 points of common bacteria. To improve the alkali, at least a pure water machine is needed, which is the equipment for making pure water. Pre-filtration can't remove scale, but it just plays a simple role in primary filtration. I hope it will help you and adopt it .

Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,Ltd. is in the leading position in the silicone bags production sector in China. In the future, Yuan Fengwill stick to people-oriented business which is greatly focused on quality and reputation. Under the guidance of core value, we strive to provide opportunities for employees and create value for customers. Quality excellence and a good brand reputation are our constant pursuit. Our goal is to provide safe and quality products, so that customers can rest assured. silicon products produced by Yuan Fengis mostly used in the following aspects. Yuan Feng's silicone brush series contains multiple sub-products. Our professional team ensures to offer the highest quality of this product. Its color is bright and fashionable and is not easy to fade. Laying stress on the customer service is a good point for the development of Mitour Silicone Products. We have been dedicated to the R&D and production of the products for many years. If you want to know more information, please contact us.

How to install sterilization filter element? Sterilization filter is a new type of membrane separation and filtration equipment. The structure of the cylinder is made of sus4l or sus304. the process is well made and the performance is safe and stable. With folding filter element as filter element, liquid and gas can be filtered. The filter area is 0.3-100m2 and the flow rate is 0.05-100 T/h.With high filtration accuracy, fast filtration speed and less adsorption, features such as no media shedding, no leakage, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, convenient cleaning, durability, novel structure, simple operation, and backwashing function. Meet GMP standards. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, wine making, petroleum, environmental protection, bioengineering, food, paint and other industries.How to use1. thoroughly clean the filter and filter connection parts and install the filter element and shell correctly.2. before starting the machine, first check whether the
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