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How is the silica gel sample of Shenzhen silica gel Products factory

How is the silica gel sample of Shenzhen silica gel Products factory


There are many kinds of silicone products in Shenzhen silicone Products Factory, and its full name can also be silicone mold products. In other words, before the formal production of silicone products, the first thing we need is a silicone mold, which is safe and is the mass production of silicone products.

The mold making process is as follows:

(1) Specific design drawings provided by the user;

(2) The mould company decides to place an order to make the mould;

(3) Mold room personnel start programming;

(4) Mold room staff make molds according to the program until the mold production is completed. After mold production is completed, it is the customer's product proofing.

The proofing of silica gel products involves many detailed items, which are called engineering data. Product proofing usually determines a lot of details, such as raw material, color, product process. The patterns on the goods and so on. After choosing these things correctly, it is possible to produce the first batch of silicone products to satisfy customers.

After making the sample of silica gel products, the factory staff will compare the requirements of customers in the first time, determine the requirements of customers, and then deliver the first batch of samples to the first batch of samples to customers. The customer will evaluate the sample after receiving it. If the product meets the customer's requirements, the customer will ask the factory to start mass production of samples according to their own situation. If the first batch of samples does not meet the customer's demand, the customer will immediately feedback to the factory, requiring the factory to improve the relevant parties. The factory will make a new sample according to the customer's suggestion, and then mass production, until the satisfactory sample.

Finally, different silicone products have different mold structures, and the production difficulty will be different. Therefore, the production time will be very different, which also determines the final delivery time of silicone products will be different. However, one thing is very important. Both the customer and the factory should always follow every process of silicone product manufacturing. Shenzhen silica gel Products Factory source Feng Xingye is a company focusing on the customized development of silica gel products. Production and sales are one of the technical production enterprises. The company has an independent mold workshop. Solid molding workshop. Liquid molding workshop, full set of production equipment; Advanced management concept and innovative design concept. Excellent manufacturing process. Strict quality inspection procedures. Commodities are mainly used in automobiles. Computer, communication, consumer electronics and other fields, has a leading edge in the industry.

After 10 years of precipitation, yuanfeng societe generale has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, lATF16949 system certification, the application for 10 patents. Accumulated as Apple. Huawei. Toshiba. Kyocera. Encore. Panasonic. NEC. Global 500 and domestic 500 famous corporate customers, such as Volvo.

We insist: "Focus on process management. Pursue customer satisfaction; Adhere to the efficient implementation of the agreement; Over the years, these four quality policies and a reputation for excellence have been highly recognized by customers and the industry.

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