How long can silicone foldable water bottle be used?
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How to make household pool filter? Very simple,Make a big pool,Separated by cement in the middle,A water pipe under the bottom connects the two pools,In the first pool, a layer of fine river sand is laid first,A thick layer of bamboo charcoal on the river sand,Charcoal can break a little,At the top, you can change a layer of fine river sand,Pour the water into the first pool,Add: the first one is better to eat than the second one,This creates a poor pressure,The filtration speed will be faster. if it's not a large pool,Small can be based on local materials,Find a large plastic bucket (to be eco-friendly ),Cut the bottom upside down,Cover the bottom layer with thin mesh (the top of the bucket,You can use a sharp knife to tie a small leakage port ),Put the washed coarse river sand, charcoal block and fine river sand in layers,If conditions permit, a layer of quartz stone or magnetic ore can also be placed,The layer is separated from the layer by thin mesh,It is convenient to wash frequently in the future.The f

Filtration accuracy 0.01um can UF remove residual chlorine in tap water? 30 Generally, precision filter paper only filters small particles in the solution, but does not filter out ions and small molecules. So it's impossible. No, ion exchange membrane.
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