How long it will take for ODM processing?
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What if there is a problem with the lubrication system of the crusher? How do we solve it? (1) the production process is not well organized,Three pieces are difficult to run continuously.Since the adjustment of the crusher discharge port has a great impact on the lubricating oil temperature,When the mine mouth is adjusted for hours,Changes in oil temperature rise rapidly,The crusher does not work properly.(2) the wear and tear of each part of the crusher itself is intensified,Poor operational stability.In the actual operation of the crusher,Straight bushing, eccentric shaft sleeve, spherical bearing, horizontal shaft sleeve and other bearing components often cause ablation, cracking and even scrapping due to local overheating due to poor lubrication,Crusher is difficult to stable operation for a long time.(3) the consumption of spare parts and materials has increased,Increased energy consumption and higher production costs.Because the lubricating oil often produces high temperature,Therefore,

What is the difference between the filter accuracy of water purifier 0.2 microns and 0.02 microns? Of course, the finer the better. The more thoroughly harmful substances in the water are filtered. However, 0.02 is the standard of preliminary purification. Even the ultra-filtration is not achieved. the ultra-filtration is 1% microns. the filtration of the pure water machine is to achieve the accuracy of one in ten microns.
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