Is installation service provided for no tie elastic silicone shoelace ?
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My family is a self-built house, about the third floor. I have a water tank upstairs. now I want to install a front filter. Where should I install it, or how should I set it... 40 1. what water do you use? Tap water? Or do you get groundwater yourself?If the tap water is installed directly in the kitchen, it can be used. if it is groundwater, the water pollution is very serious now. it is necessary to test it before drinking. it is not meaningful to add a front filter.2. what is the purpose of adding a front filter?If it is sediment and works, if it is yellow after water is placed, it is not easy to say, generally because it contains metal ions or other substances, filtration is generally difficult to remove, which is more troublesome.3. if it is drinking, it is recommended to use a professional filter.4. if it is domestic water such as bathing, in fact, it can be filtered by precipitation with two barrels, from one barrel to the other, and from the same barrel to the other, in general, there is basicall

Seeking water reuse process in food processing industry 1. the raw water passes through a sink first,The large organic particles (mainly starch and protein) in the wastewater are settled down,Then recycling;2. the effluent from the sedimentation tank enters the adjustment tank,3. after the water quality and quantity are stable, it will be upgraded to the WB reactor,Anaerobic treatment;4. anaerobic effluent enters two secondary sedimentation tank and then flows into the contact oxidation tank for aerobic treatment;5. the effluent from the contact oxidation pool can be discharged up to standard after being precipitated by the three sedimentation pools.6. if water reuse is needed,To meet the reuse standards,It is necessary to enter the RO equipment disc tube reverse osmosis with the following three obvious features: 1. channel width: the channel (diversion plate) between the diaphragm is 6mm,The membrane assembly of the roll package is only 0.2mm.2. short process: the flow of liquid on the surface of the me
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