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Shenzhen silicone products factory how to make silicone

Shenzhen silicone products factory how to make silicone


Shenzhen silicone products factory in the production of a variety of silicone products before, look at the source of front industrial how to make silicone?

First, the operator needs to add the vulcanizing agent to the rubber according to the requirements of the rubber hose making formula, and then the silicone is mixed in the rubber refiner and cut into strips. Generally, the width of the strip shall not exceed the total width of the extruder feed port.

When the extruder starts, open the cooling water valve. Let the rubber strip from the feeding equipment into the extruder cylinder naturally, through the screw rotation, make the rubber move towards the head. In the process of moving, the cooling equipment controls the temperature of the rubber at the process standard ambient temperature (adjust the switch of the cooling water valve), so that it is tightened and melted. A good process is to test whether can produce good silica gel product standard. Find Shenzhen silicone products factory to find source front industrial customized silicone products is correct.

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