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Is the pm2.5 value displayed by Hisense kj400f-fad air purifier so small and reliable? Air purifier purification PM2.The capacity of 5 is closely related to the HEPA filter in the air purifier.HEPA filter is currently against PM2.5 The best means.HEPA (High efficiency participation air Filter ),High efficiency air filter,HEPA is one of the best efficient filter materials in the world,Originally, HEPA was applied to nuclear energy research and protection,It is now widely used in precision laboratories, pharmaceutical production, atomic research, and surgical operations where high cleanliness is required.HEPA is made of very small organic fibers,The ability to capture particles is strong,Small aperture,Large adsorption capacity,High purification efficiency,And water absorption,For 0.The particle purification rate of 3 microns is 99.97%.That is to say, every 10000 particles,Only 3 particles can penetrate the HEPA filter membrane.Therefore,The effect of its filter particles is very obvious!If you filter ciga

While providing quality products, Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co., dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations. Yuan Feng's silicone bags can be used in different fields. If you have any needs, please contact Yuan Feng. Yuan Feng's silicone products series contains multiple sub-products.

How about the type of air filter and the applicable range please let me know Air filters commonly used in ventilation and air conditioning engineering have coarse-effect filters, medium-effect filters and efficient (or sub-efficient) filters,The filter material should have the function of fire prevention, moisture prevention and insect prevention.(1) coarse filter: Generally made into block body installed on the bracket,Most of the filter materials are metal wire mesh, glass fiber, coarse hole polyammonia phenol foam and other materials.The coarse filter mainly uses the inertia collision of the air flow,The dust particles with a larger particle size (5 μm) are separated from the air flow.In order to increase the filter area (that is, increase the air handling capacity ),Reduce footprint,The 'human' glyph structure is often used.In order to facilitate the replacement of cleaning filter material,Can be made into drawer type,And automatic oil immersion filter, automatic winding filter.The metal mesh of the
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