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Silicone mold manufacturer source front teach you how to distinguish liquid silicone true or false!

Silicone mold manufacturer source front teach you how to distinguish liquid silicone true or false!


The daily use of silica gel products from silica gel mold manufacturers gradually began to cover our days. Buying a proper quality product has become a challenge. As we all know, there are people in any profession who do fake and shoddy goods, and the silica gel industry has a similar situation. However, standing in the silicone product industry, silicone rubber data is actually part of the true and false, because even if they identify the true and false, the future is only the different components of the data lead to functional growth, the difference between customers and friends lies in its advantages and disadvantages.

Generally speaking, the authenticity of silica gel can be distinguished from the touch, characteristics and two points.

First: is characterized by silicone is a non-toxic, tasteless, colorless chemicals, good texture, so silicone products will not cause harm to the body, for fake silicone products are difficult to achieve these effects, generally speaking, fake silicone products will contain a certain amount of toxic pungent smell, compared with the real silicone product material is more rough.

Second: touch, silica gel products due to the data characteristics, toughness, elasticity is very good, will not be permanently deformed under the action of external force, touch will feel wet, fake silica gel products on the contrary, easy to deformation, feel rough, this is mainly because there is no layer of oil on the surface of fake silica gel products.

In addition to the above two points, silica gel mold manufacturers are sourcing and developing. We can also distinguish the authenticity of silica gel products by flame burning. Generally speaking, fake silica gel products are incinerated when the smoke is black, and the waste is black powder containing a certain pungent smell. Indeed, no matter what color silica gel products incineration, there will be white smoke, incineration waste is also white powder.

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