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Silicone molds have poor tension? The source of the silicone product processing plant tells you the reason!

Silicone molds have poor tension? The source of the silicone product processing plant tells you the reason!


What are the reasons for the poor tension of silicone mold?

Mold silicone has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good tension, many mold flip times, and many reuse times. However, in order to make silicone easier to operate, some manufacturers add a lot of silicone oil to silicone. As we all know, silicon oil will destroy the content of silicone, reduce the viscosity of silicone, make the silicone more soft and easier to operate, and cause the tension of Silicone Products Processing Factory.

Solution of silicone thickening?

Generally speaking, liquid silicone is placed for half a year. After more than a year, the viscosity of silicone will thicken over time. The expired liquid silicone will be condensed into a ball, which is basically not liquid, which will make us very difficult. The expired liquid silicone is very poor, and it will almost form a ball, which will cause AB to add a large amount of silicone oil, which will cause torn resistance after the silicone is cured, and the toughness will be reduced.

How to increase liquid silicone without changing the characteristics of silicone?

There is something on the market called expansion screws. You can buy a suitable length according to your silicone amount. After buying it, use a pliers to open the front mouth of the expansion screw jacket into a cross shape, then tighten the nut, tighten, and a simple stirred head is done.

Next, stuck the stirring head on the electric diamond, began to stir crazy, and the silicone after the stirred was restored to circulation again. The newly mixed liquid silicone will be a bit hot because friction and molecular sports, and there are many bubbles. At this time, it is not wise to use it immediately. On the other hand, the heat itself will accelerate the reaction speed, or it is easy to foam, and put it. For a period of time, use it after cooling.

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