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Silicone processing factory tells you why the silicone tube is hard and yellow

Silicone processing factory tells you why the silicone tube is hard and yellow


In the production of silicone pipes, a careless error may lead to the quality problem of the silicone tube. Such as: silicone tube yellow hard, poor aging resistance, increased flexibility, etc. The source of the Silicone Products Processing Plant tells you why the reason why the silicone tube is yellow and the matters should be paid attention to.

The yellowing and hardening of the silicone tube are usually caused by aging. Controlling yellowing and sclerosis are the process of controlling aging. However, aging is divided into heat aging, ozone aging, gas corrosion aging, heavy metal oxidation aging. Reacting aging, aging of ultraviolet rays. Material aging, pH imbalance and broken chain over -sulfur can also lead to commodity aging.

The question that should be paid attention to in the production of silicone pipes:

1. Look at the yellow resistance of the raw material itself.

2. Promoting agent system combination: The promotional agent DM and M can achieve yellow level 4 together, but the entire system needs to be re -adjusted. Using promoters is good for yellow, but it will sacrifice great toxicity and use.

3. Pressing temperature control: The temperature should not exceed 150 degrees, it is best to have a significant effect below 140 degrees. Otherwise, many materials are prone to heat aging.

4. Application of titanium pink powder: The application of titanium white powder is to produce mirror reflex on the surface, making it unable to pass rubber. The thinner the grain size of the titanium pink, the more thinner the dose, the better the anti -aging effect.

5. Heavy metal control: If the heavy metal content is too high, heavy metals will have oxidative reactions and discoloration. The product is easy to get yellow.

6. Oil application: less oil, especially the chain alkane base cannot participate in the application of ordinary rubber. Due to poor compatibility, the oil penetrates into the surface, and the additives dissolved in the oil are brought to the surface.

7. PH adjustment: The glue acid value is weak, and it has a minor inhibitory effect on the vulcanization reaction, but it will control the aggravation of the broken chain.

8. Application of aging agent: BHT has a good buffering effect on thermal oxygen. SP will coordinate with MB production, and the effect is also ideal. But the premise is that the quality of the material is excellent. Otherwise it will be counterproductive.

In short, pay attention to the above points when producing a silicone tube in order to better prevent the silicone tubes from becoming yellow. The production of silicone pipes is an advanced technology. If you have any questions or questions, you can directly ask the Silicone Product Processing Factory Yuanxing Industry

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