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Silicone products processing plant foam removal simple

Silicone products processing plant foam removal simple


Silica gel is a kind of highly active adsorbent material, which belongs to amorphous substance. The adsorbent material can be made into a variety of products, such as silicone shovels. Silicone pacifier. Silicone keys. Sealing materials. Medical machinery and other supplies. When silicone is made into different products, it goes through a process. In some processes, it is not difficult to find that silicone is also prone to foaming. For the problem of silicone foam, Silicone product processing plant  tells you that you can use silicone foam agent to solve.

The sources of silicone foam are as follows:

1. The raw materials in silicone are easy to bubble, leading to foaming in the production mixing process.

2. In the process of processing, other additives will be added, which contain surfactant or react with silicone material, causing bubbles.

3. Silicone after some high temperature process, high temperature causes local substance foaming.

The adverse effects of silicone foam are:

1. Silicone foam will affect the appearance and image of the final product, leading to adverse problems.

2. Silicone foam is easy to increase unqualified products and increase production costs.

3. Silicone foam will affect some processes and production efficiency.

In view of the adverse effects of silicone foam, we can use silicone defoamer to help solve the problem. The effects of silicone defoamer are as follows:

1. Silicone defoamer can remove the foam in the process of silicone processing, without affecting the performance of silicone products themselves, specially developed for silicone defoamer.

2. Silica gel defoamer has stable characteristics and can maintain stable defoamer and defoamer inhibition ability at high temperature.

3. Silicone defoaming agent for the problem of silicone foam, add less, can achieve good defoaming effect.

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