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Silicone products processing plant teach you how to deal with the aging of silicone mold

Silicone products processing plant teach you how to deal with the aging of silicone mold


In daily work and life, I believe many people will hear the word aging, but in the silicone products processing plant industry, the service life of silicone products is more significant than that of other rubber products. Although the performance is excellent, we should first understand what factors will directly and indirectly affect the service life, and try to avoid increasing the service life of the gasket.

The silicone rubber products used in our daily production process will cause partial aging of parts due to the force problem. The influence of the force is mainly due to the long-term extrusion deformation of the silicone rubber parts and the damage or damage during the force process. But in the mechanical industry, a silicone rubber parts may be used in recent decades, such as the O-ring seal used in the silicone oil press. Due to long-term stress and friction, it belongs to the oil seal characteristics. Due to the influence of the use environment, the performance will gradually disappear after a period of use and the service life will be shortened.

In recent years, the service life aging level of silicone rubber gasket has gradually attracted the attention of consumers. I believe many people know that once the silicone rubber gasket shows signs of aging, its service life will be affected. Although compared with other materials, silicone products have a good effect in high and low temperature resistance, but long-term use in high temperature environment will still have a great impact on silicone rubber gasket. If the hardness of silicone rubber raw material is low, the plastic flow will increase, resulting in the dissolution of the back rubber mold.

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