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The silicone products of the silicone product processing plant have color and taste, is it safe?

The silicone products of the silicone product processing plant have color and taste, is it safe?


Food -grade silicone is a very safe material that is widely used in food. Medical and other fields. There are many types of silicone, divided into inorganic silicone and organic silica gel. Inorganic silicone is usually a desiccant. In some foods, in the drug, the crystal clear particles are silicone desiccants.

In some food or medicine packaging, it is not difficult to find this kind of silicone desiccant

Organic silicone, many silicone products we see in our lives are organic silicone. Infant milk bottles. Packet pads. Organic silica gel is usually used for medical hose, usually made of liquid silicone (LSR).

Especially in the fields of medical. Maternal and infants and other fields will have strict requirements for equipment materials. The materials used in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must be safe. Low allergies, durability, smoothness and comfort, easy to clean. Lovable silicone in these aspects. "Rain dew is stained", it is just for the production of maternal and infant. Medical equipment.

Baby pacifier is generally made of liquid silicone, soft and safe

1. What is liquid silicone?

From the perspective of chemical ingredients, silicone is a silicon -containing compound, and inorganic silicone is usually made of silicone. XSIO2YH2O is a loose porous substance. As the name suggests, organic silicon contains carbon. The embodiment of its structure is the existence of organic groups such as C-SI hydroxyl groups such as C-SI hydroxyl groups directly connected to silicon atoms. In addition to carbon, oxygen can also connect oxygen directly. Sulfur. Nitrogen and other compounds connected to silicon atoms are also used as silicon compounds.

Liquid silicone (LSR) is composed of long chain polyxide and a specially treated silica. A ingredients contain platinum (PT) catalysts, and B this ingredient contains hydroxyl hydrogenoxane as the cross -linked agent and alcohol inhibitor. The basic structural unit of its finished product is composed of hydroxyxane. O-SI-O's side chains are connected to other organic groups by silicon atoms through silicon atoms, usually connecting two organic group polymers. Therefore, the structure of silicon products includes "organic groups" and contains "no cordial structures". This special composition and molecular structure combine the characteristics of organic matter with the function of inorganic objects.

As a polysilicine polymer material, there is poor activity of silicone, excellent biochemical resistance, no exclusion reaction with the liver, good biocompatibility, and good coagulation function. Therefore, it can be implanted as a filling in the medical industry, such as breast augmentation materials.

The excellent characteristics of silicone make it have a broad application prospect in the field of intelligent materials

2. Interesting birth notes

Like baby pacifiers. These liquid silicone products use liquid injection molding technology (LIM), because its raw materials are liquid, it can be transported through pump. Especially for food -grade silicone, the entire production line can ensure the automation of the entire link, minimize or remove contact, reduce the probability of pollutants such as bacteria and viruses, and ensure safety.

Liquid Silicone Silicon Injection molding process

Send A.B glue to the metering system through the pumping system, accurately measure the 1: 1 or other proportion, transport it to the static mixture, mix it to the injection device, and inject the thermal mold after injecting the device. The colloid in the mold has a rapid and elastic silicone product after a rapid vulcanization reaction.

The main component of liquid silicone raw materials

3. Silicone products have adsorption power, don’t worry about taste

The regular silicone products are made of food -grade silicone, which is non -toxic and tasteless and has no effect on the human body. Because the silicone material itself has good adsorption performance, it is easy to absorb the odor molecules of the surrounding environment, and sometimes it is normal to smell a faint smell.

The new Kaifeng silicone products sometimes smell a smell, which is usually some residual smells in the production process, not the smell of silicone itself. In the process of liquid silicone forming, the mold should be high temperature to eliminate all the odor in the material. "In production, the most common method is to put the 200 ° C oven to curing and volatilize. Restrictions, customers don't have to worry.

In the family environment, it can also release these flavor molecules with hot water, and its taste soon disappears. It can also be sent for two or three days under air circulation conditions. The taste disappears naturally and does not affect the quality of silicone products.

It can resist 1800 liquid silicone ℃ at high temperature, boil with water, and can be disinfected while removing the smell

Of course, pay attention to some fakes. Infinite silicone products are usually produced by industrial silicone. For profit, non -performing enterprises using industrial silicone counterfeit food -grade silicone may cause harm to health. The demand for volatility of these industrial silicone is not as strict as food grade, and often has a pungent taste. Can be touched. Simply distinguish between combustion and so on.

Food -grade silicone usually rebounds well, strong toughness, smooth texture, poor elasticity of industrial silicone, and is easy to deform. Food -grade silicone will not have yellow for a long time. Due to the large impurities, industrial silicone is irradiated with ultraviolet rays, and it is easy to yellow. Of course, a more accurate method is to check whether the product has relevant certification.

When buying milk bottles, pacifiers these silicone maternal and infant supplies, be sure to pay attention to whether there are relevant certifications, check the qualified certificate, regular food -grade silicone will pass FDA, LFGB, ISO.AP2000 and other food certifications. Pay attention to whether the goods have these signs when buying. Food -grade silicone products meet the requirements. The national standards for food safety in GB4806.2-2015.GB4806.11-2016 can be used with peace of mind. Select Yuanfeng Xingye Silicone Products Processing Factory, right

Formal food -grade silicone products often have related certification certificates

The raw material of liquid silicone is colorless. Sometimes in order to meet the color needs, the color mother or color paste is added. The color mother is a new type of polymer material for coloring agents. It is long in color and is mainly composed of pigment. Resin medium. Additives. Its invention can reduce pigment dust and more environmentally friendly. Food -grade silicone also has strict requirements for these coloring agents, so don't worry whether its color is harmful.

In order to make the silicone products look better, you can add color mother to adjust the color. It is also safe to choose the color mother that meets the prescribed

Food -grade silicone -colored maternal high temperature resistance. Do not transfer, mainly used in kitchen utensils. Maternal and infant products. Medical supplies. Silicone pipes and other silicone products. Qualified color mother products will be passed through qualified female products. Rohs.Reach.fda is waiting for environmental protection monitoring to ensure that the product is safe and operable.

Stricken. It can show a variety of advantages in the fields of maternal and infants.

First, it has a high biocompatibility, which can be directly exposed to the human body. It can be suitable for baby bottle. Medical filling.

The second is excellent durability and can ensure long -term stability and chemical resistance.

Third, the ambient temperature is large (-60 ° C to 250 ° C), silicone material boiling and steam disinfection, silicone materials can still maintain good toughness. Elasticity and softness will not change their mechanical properties.

The first choice of Silicone Products Processing Factory is the first source of the source.

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