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There are several types of silicone products in the silicone products processing factory!

There are several types of silicone products in the silicone products processing factory!


Nowadays, silicone products have become common products in life, but do you all know the classification of silicone products? Let Yuanfeng Xingye tell you!

Silicone products processing factory Silicone products are divided into four categories through the production and molding process, namely molded silicone, extruded silicone, liquid silicone and special silicone.

1. Molded silicone

Molded Silicone Products

Formed silica gel products are generally vulcanized by adding solid silica gel raw materials (solid silica gel raw materials) into high-temperature molds, so that the machine can apply pressure to vulcanize into solid molding at high temperature. The hardness of molded silica gel is generally 29-69 degrees. The raw materials are usually matched with the color paste, and the color is matched according to the Pantone color card number. The shape of the molded product is the shape of the mold. Today, molded products are one of the broadest in the silicone industry. Generally used to make industrial accessories, silicone buttons, gifts, bracelets, watches, mobile phone cases, tableware, mats, etc.

2. Extrude silicone

extruded silicone products

Extrusion machinery extruded silicone is extruded silicone. Typically, extruded silicone products are long strips. Generally speaking, tubular extruded silicone products can be cut at will. Due to the process and molding shape, extruded silicone products have limited applications and are generally used in medical and food machinery.

3. Liquid silicone

Liquid silicone products

Liquid silicone is made by silicone injection. Generally speaking, the product is relatively soft, and the hardness is usually 9-39 degrees. Because of its soft characteristics, it is generally used to make human body simulation organs, medical chest pads, etc.

4. Special silica gel

Specialty Silicone Products

Generally speaking, special silica gel is made according to the chemical properties of silica gel or auxiliary materials. Generally speaking, special silicone is resistant to high temperature (the highest resistance is about 331 degrees). If it is food-grade, it complies with US FDA/LFGB standards, such as medical-grade, flame-retardant special silica gel, which can be added with auxiliary materials, and has the characteristics of luminous, negative ions, and discoloration.

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