What about CFR/CNF of silicon beach bags ?
Working Principle of paper belt filter? Paper belt filter is an important industrial equipment for Grinding Machines. [new Xiangyu] paper belt filter and blade filter are mainly composed of pressure circular housing, blades and filter cake unloading mechanism. The driving force when the blade filter works is the pressure difference on both sides of the filter blade, which becomes the working pressure difference. The pressure difference of the blade filter is generally

Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,Ltd. leads in the development and production of advanced technologies for cigar ashtray. Yuan Feng's mission is to provide consumers with safe and environment-friendly products. With a focus on sincerity-based management and quality, we are committed to high standards and strict requirements in the production process. Our goal is to achieve high output, excellent quality, and high efficiency. Yuan Feng's silicone brush is mainly used in the following aspects. The cigar ashtray series has become a hot product of Yuan Feng. The quality of this product is well controlled by implementing strict testing process. It has been proven to be tolerant to both high and low temperature. Promoting the service with care and consideration is very essential for Mitour Silicone Products. Its delivery time is guaranteed by our 5 outsourcing factories. We are responsible for the production of high-quality products. Please contact us to order if you have any needs.

Backwashing filter, what quota is installed? What is the weight of the filter?If it is above 100, you can refer to the installation of general carbon steel and stainless steel pressure vessels,The lighter one can answer for you according to the nozzle diameter reference valve flowmeter sub-mesh liaojing technology: the mixed ion exchanger adopts a fixed bed exchange process,It consists of upper water inlet device, intermediate drainage device, lower porous plate, water retaining plate, filter cloth layer, valve system and inlet compressed air.The mixed ion exchanger fills the negative and cation exchange resin in the same exchange container according to a certain proportion,The exchange reaction of Yin and cation is carried out simultaneously,Therefore, the salt removal rate of effluent is very high.The mixed ion exchanger is generally set after the negative and cation exchanger,It can also be set up after dialysis and reverse osmosis devices,Make up a water treatment system.Special mixed ion exchanger for wa
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