What about FOB of placemat silicone ?
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What is the role of the filter used to raise goldfish? The water in the fish tank will be contaminated by fish feces, food residues, aquatic leaves.In people's imagination, the suspended matter visible in the water is filtered out,The purpose of keeping the water clear and transparent has been achieved,In fact, this is only the primary function of filtering,We usually call it mechanical filtration.The modern ornamental fish tank filtration should have mechanical filtration at the same time,It also has the function of biological filtration,Physical filtering is also needed sometimes.One of the most important is biological filtration.The so-called biological filtration,It is through bacteria attached to the filter material,Decompose or convert harmful substances dissolved in water into harmless substances.Physical filtration is to use the unique adsorption function of some materials to make water purification.Physical filtering is used for a short time under special circumstances,For example, in order to remov

What kind of medical devices do disposable masks belong? Article 4 The State shall implement classified management of medical devices according to the degree of risk.The first is the low level of risk,Routine management can ensure safe and effective medical devices.The second category is moderate risk,Management needs to be strictly controlled to ensure its safe and effective medical devices.The third category is high risk,Special measures need to be taken to strictly control management to ensure their safe and effective medical devices.1.Product Introduction: size 17.5cmx9.5 cm,50/box,2000/box,Disposable masks are divided into disposable two-layer masks, disposable non-woven masks, disposable three-layer masks and disposable activated carbon masks.2.Disposable three-layer mask is made of two-layer non-woven fabric and filter paper;A disposable three-layer mask is composed of two layers of fiber non-woven fabrics that are professionally used for medical hygiene. in the middle, a layer of filter and
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