What about the lead time of silicone water bottle kids from placing a order to delivery?
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How to choose the water purifier, their respective advantages and disadvantages after use The water purifier is mainly divided into ultra-filtration water purifier, activated carbon water purifier and reverse osmosis water purifier (Ro machine ).■ The ultra-filtration water purifier simply filters out sediment, colloid and bacteria, cannot filter out scale, heavy metals and chemical pollutants, and cannot improve the taste. the external pressure type cannot be washed and discharged, and the internal pressure type can be washed and discharged, the advantages are: no electricity, no waste of water, large flow, long filter life (1-5 years)■ Activated carbon water purifier can absorb foreign-colored peculiar smell, improve taste, and can't filter out scale, heavy metals and chemical pollutants. there is little difference between boiling and drinking, making tea and tap water, there are also secondary pollution problems such as bacterial breeding and nitrite exceeding the standard, which are prone to satura

How to choose household water purifier? First, look at the manufacturer's license, qualification and hygiene license; two, the filter is mainly activated carbon, which can only be used by coarse filtration and can only be drunk after the water is boiled. Third, the filter element of the multi-stage filter water purifier has two-stage coarse filter and one-stage fine filter, and the filtered water can be used. The filter water purifier consists of multi-stage pre-filtration and ultra-filtration membrane, which can filter most bacteria and harmful substances. Then try to buy reverse osmosis to avoid secondary pollution. (1) The purification effect is good, and it can really purify harmful substances. in addition to effectively filter fine bacteria, sick Green and particulate matter, it can also filter out heavy metals and alkali and other small molecules for a long time. (2) the long-lasting nature of the product, that is, the service life of the filter element, when consumers buy water purifiers, in addition t
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