What are performance advantages of bottle silicone ?
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Configuration principle and structure diagram of Jiangsu integrated sewage lifting device? Working Principle: waste sewage enters the water tank through the inlet self-flow of the whole set of equipment,After reaching the starting water level of the equipment,Automatic start of the device,Discharge the sewage into the municipal pipe network.In the sewage lifting device,The water tank replaces the puddle in the traditional way.In addition to import, export and ventilation ports,The water tank is completely closed, waterproof and anti-odor leakage,Therefore, the sewage of the water tank has no contact with the soil,The peculiar smell will not be filled in the equipment room due to leakage,Thus completely avoiding the pollution to the natural environment,Provides a relatively comfortable working space for maintenance and maintenance personnel.The volume of the water tank is much smaller than that of the traditional water pool.In the sewage lifting device,The function of collecting water tanks is no longer wate

Who knows which filter element of easy filter and 3 M air conditioner has good effect in addition to PM2.5? 3 M car air conditioning filter is divided into single-effect, over-effect, filter, and double-effect, filter.1 Single-effect filter: filter dust and allergic ions efficiently,Effective filtering to 92%,The effect is very remarkable;2 double-effect filter: not only filter dust and allergic particles efficiently,More efficient filtration of toxic and harmful gases such as motor vehicle exhaust gas,Also achieve a high filtration effect of 85%.The double-effect material is based on the single-effect material, and the activated carbon filtration layer after 3 M special treatment is added,The activated carbon technology of 3 M can make 2 grams of activated carbon have a large surface area of a football field.The answer is still quite professional,I really haven't used this 3 M one,But I heard it was very good,Old brand after all.If you can filter it, it's a bit legendary,A few days ago, a free trial activ
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