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What matters need to pay attention to when using industrial vacuum cleaner? In order to ensure the motor life of the vacuum cleaner,1. please vacuum the dust when vacuuming the dust (or paper bag,The bag) and the filter element are installed on the machine correctly,Make sure the filter is dry,And after each use of the machine,Clean up the garbage in the dust bucket and the dust on the filter in time.2. remove the filter cartridge and dust when cleaning the filter,Blow out of the inside with compressed air,Or wash with water,Dry and reuse.(Do not install the filter on the machine and blow it directly from the outside with compressed air.) Dust partition cloth is recommended to be purchased and replaced in time according to the specific situation,Time in (3-3. if a vacuum cleaner sucks a lot of water (or liquid,Be sure to separate the dust (or paper bag,Bag) and filter element removed,Then use the vacuum cleaner to absorb water.If the suction is significantly reduced during use,Please shut down in time,

Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,Ltd. is an industry leader in China's silicone bags production. Yuan Feng's mission is to provide consumers with safe and environment-friendly products. With a focus on sincerity-based management and quality, we are committed to high standards and strict requirements in the production process. Our goal is to achieve high output, excellent quality, and high efficiency. Yuan Feng's silicon products is mainly used in the following aspects. The silicone products series has become a hot product of Yuan Feng. A dedicated QC department is established to optimize the quality control system and inspection method. Its OEM and ODM services are standardized to guarantee a smooth process. With this changing society, the service of Mitour Silicone Products offered to customers has been good as always. It is approved by ROHS, BPA FREE, FDA of the US, and REACH and LFGB detection of the EU. We are responsible for the production of high-quality products. Please contact us to order if you have any needs.

Underground Deep well cement sand filter, which is of good quality? The filter suitable for filtering underground deep well water is mainly to see if the filter medium and the filter accuracy can meet the demand. select the sediment filter to find the production enterprise as far as possible, on the one hand, the quality is guaranteed; on the other hand, after-sales service can keep up
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