What kind of packing is provided for chinese silicone manufacturers ?
Where is the fiber ball filter well done? Many towns and industrial and mining enterprises in China use groundwater as water source.However, there is an excess of iron in groundwater in many areas,Its content is generally 2-16mq/L range.'Automatic iron and manganese removal filter' overcomes the human operation,Various problems caused by backwashing,Give full play to the special features of fully automatic work,Therefore, it has incomparable superiority in other iron removal devices,The iron content of groundwater after treatment is ≤ 0.3 mg/L,National GB5749-85 quality standards for drinking water.In addition to iron and manganese in water,Make the oxygen in the air two-valent iron,Oxidation of manganese at two prices,Generate Fe (OH) 3,Manganese dioxide,According to the content of iron and manganese in water,Jet aeration or hollow multi-face ball aeration are selected.Filter with first-class or multi-stage manganese sand filter,Can meet the processing requirements,Effluent iron content 0

Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,Ltd. is a large high-tech company specializing in silicone bags. Enterprise spirit: Integrity, concentration, and enterprising Enterprise philosophy: Survive with quality, develop with profession Core value: Build brand with integrity, reflect excellence with quality, promote development with innovation The silicone bags produced by Yuan Fengis of high quality and is widely used in the industry. We will show you the cigar ashtray series that is most popular with customers. Our staff implements 100% inspection to make sure the product is in good conditions and of high quality. Its delivery time is guaranteed by our 5 outsourcing factories. Being professional in the market, the customer service of Mitour Silicone Products has been very popular. It is characterized by higher tear strength. The products we produce are of high quality and reasonable price. If needed, please contact us!

What are the requirements for the filter material? The requirements are as follows:1) have enough mechanical strength to avoid wear and tear during Flushing;2) it is necessary to have sufficient chemical stability and cannot be dissolved in water. Otherwise, it is easy to affect the filtered water quality. The filter material can not release other harmful substances into the water;3) cheap price, sufficient supply, can be based on local materials;4) there must be a certain level and void ratio. Filter materials for different purposes are different. The smaller the particles, the higher the accuracy, the better the effluent.
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