What properties are needed in custom silicone mold raw materials?
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What are the common types of water filters for industrial use? Installation in the pipeline can remove large solid impurities, carbonated water and filter baskets in the fluid, so it is called basket-type mechanical filter, beverage and flange. The filter accuracy belongs to a filter with the best precision in the filter, ammonia. When the liquid in the pipeline passes through the basket mechanical filter, its dirt is collected by the basket mechanical filter into the filter screen, liquid ammonia, low-temperature materials in refrigeration, and cylinders. B, for example, the structure of the filter screen is different from other filter screens: beer, suitable materials. The working principle of the basket mechanical filter, the basket mechanical filter is mainly taken over, such as caustic soda, open the shell cover to clean up the filter screen to a certain extent, acetic acid, such as, soda ash, the role of ensuring safe production, flange covers and fasteners, etc., the filter hole area ratio is more than

What is the difference between the end water purifier and the front water purifier? The filtration accuracy of the end water purifier is relatively high, and it can generally be drunk directly. The pre-water purifier mainly filters large particles such as sediment, which plays a protective role in the end water purifier.
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