What should I do once I receive silicon factory imperfections?
The culture of Mitour Silicone Products is characterized by an open and informal working atmosphere. Welcome to visit our factory! After being improved greatly, Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,Ltd.'s silicone travel bottles is more advantageous in the following aspects. With many years of practical experience, Yuan Fengis capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.

Can the water in the aquarium be directly pumped into the household front filter ? It is not possible to use domestic pre-filter for drinking water.After pumping into the filter, it can be recycled back to the aquarium, but it doesn't make much sense.

How to select the compressed air oil-water separator? Compressed air oil-water separator is used to separate impurities such as water and oil in compressed air, so that compressed air can be initially purified. Generally, the pressure is 0.1mpa-2. 5Mpa. Its working principle is: when the compressed air enters the oil-water separator, it produces a sharp change in flow direction and speed, and then relies on inertia to separate the oil droplets and water droplets with higher density than the compressed air. For the common impact type and ring rotary oil-water separator, after the compressed air enters the separator shell from the inlet, the air flow is first blocked by the partition and folded back down, and then rebounded upward, resulting in a circular rotation. In this way, the water droplets and oil droplets are separated from the air and settled at the bottom of the shell under the action of centrifugal force and inertia force, and the bottom valve can be opened regularly to discharge t
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