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The front filter matched with the water purifier is installed on the indoor or outdoor tap water pipe? There are two ways to install:1. install it at the front end of the water purifier, which has a protective effect on the water purifier and can prolong the service life of the water purifier.2. installed on the home main water pipe, it can play a simple filtering role for all the water used by the family.Both ways can be done, and the second, in particular, takes into account the first role.If your front flow is relatively large, it is recommended to adopt the second installation method. if the front is only a PP cotton, please use the first installation method.For reference only, thank you. it is better to install it indoors, because the pipes of the front filter are placed in a cool backlight as far as possible. it is safer to put it on the front of the water purifier and generally install it on the main manager, or after the gate.

As an important part of Mitour Silicone Products growth, enterprise culture is a key to make our company more cohesive. Get an offer! After being improved greatly, Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,Ltd.'s silicone bags is more advantageous in the following aspects. With many years of practical experience, Yuan Fengis capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.

Who has played lucky animal story? How to play? How much is direct election 3? How much is the direct election? How much is group 3 and group 5? Most of you. Want to know?22 26 119 () Ta can be a common type of filter air filter element. The air filter element is also called air filter cartridge, air filter, style, etc.It is mainly used for air filtration in Engineering locomotives, automobiles, agricultural locomotives, laboratories, sterile operation rooms and various precision operation rooms.The PP filter element of the filter element is also called the PP fusion filter element,The fusion filter core is made of polypropylene microfiber hot melt tangles,The fiber randomly forms a three-dimensional micro-pore structure in space,The pore diameter of the pore is distributed in a gradient along the flow direction of the filter,It integrates surface, deep and refined filtration,Impurities of different particle sizes can be intercepted.Filter element accuracy range 0.5-100 μm,Its throughput is 1 of the peak filt
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