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How Much Does Silicone Product Cost?

How Much Does Silicone Product Cost?


Silicone rubber products are widely used in various fields, and an increasing number of customers have customized product requirements. The cost of customized products varies, and while many people may not understand the specifics, they generally grasp the concept. However, sometimes there are price differences even for the same customized product, which can be puzzling. This leads people to ask, why does this happen? What are the factors that affect the cost of customizing silicone rubber products?

Mold Costs

The quotation for silicone rubber products begins with mold creation, where the cost of the mold and the number of mold cavities are calculated (as the product price is closely related to the number of mold cavities). Next, the product's weight and the raw materials are calculated, followed by labor costs. Before this, customers need to provide 2D, 3D drawings or samples, as detailed dimensions or samples are required to analyze the product’s structure and manufacturing process, and to determine the size of the mold that meets customer requirements.

After you confirmed the 3D drawing. You may need make the prototype to see them in reality. Here we offer you 2 methods: Rapid Prototype( Make your first prototype: You can get it 3D printed to create your “proof of concept”) or Classic Mold Making.

Rapid Prototype Mold Making: Make your first prototype: You can get it 3D printed to create your “proof of concept”. 

Classic Mold MakingMold design is our first step in prototyping. It is crucial to create a baby product with high manufacturability. Good mold design for each can contribute to improved silicone baby products quality and optimum cycle time, and optimize the productivity of the mold.

Classic Mold Making

Material Costs

Material costs refer to the variations in the prices of silicone raw materials due to different uses and characteristics. Common silicone materials include compounded silicone, high-temperature resistant silicone, liquid silicone, food-grade silicone, and fumed silica. Additionally, secondary vulcanization, hardness, trimmings, color masterbatch, and surface processing requirements during the molding process of silicone products can also affect the final product's price.

Production Difficulty

Products with a higher production difficulty command a higher price, and vice versa. Manufacturers need to consider product size, processing steps, time, materials, and weight in order to provide an accurate quotation, which is also a responsible approach for both parties.

Labor Costs

Labor costs are calculated by taking into account the number of mold cavities and the processing time, and then dividing by the defect rate to determine the daily output of silicone products. Costs incurred during production such as labor, utilities, marketing and promotion, and fixed assets are also included in labor costs.

Labor Costs

In summary, the price of an individual silicone product can be determined by calculating the overall costs incurred by the silicone factory, divided by the daily production capacity and the price of raw materials. At this point, everyone is believed to have a rough understanding of the specific calculation methods. In fact, in the silicone product industry, the customization price of products is a very open and transparent situation, and the quotations from general silicone manufacturers are based on processing complexity and order quantity.

From the above, we can see that the factors affecting the customization price of silicone rubber products include mold, materials, labor costs, and production difficulty. Therefore, when customizing silicone rubber products, it is essential to clearly understand what kind of materials to choose, what kind of mold to open, and which aspects of the mold are needed, and then select a manufacturer for cooperation. Additionally, Mitour Silicone Products Factory reminds customers to pay attention to the fact that different manufacturers have different production capabilities and technologies, so it is important to make comparisons in these aspects when shopping around. Contact us for a free quote!


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